Wednesday, April 25, 2007

FDA Deadline Extended!

A Lemon Vanilla Cupcake bon bon from Temper Chocolates. "Lemon zest and vanilla beans infused in a white chocolate ganache over a creamy graham cracker ganche, enrobed in milk chocolate."

According to Don't Mess With Our Chocolate, the FDA has extended their comment period to May 25! If you haven't done it already, go to the FDA's comment section (tutorial) and tell them NOT to change their current definition of chocolate. (And it wouldn't hurt to email your friends about the issue, either!)

Need a refresher on what this is about? Check these links:

An Argument Against 'Heathly' Chocolate -- NPR's Talk of the Nation (audio)


breadchick said...

YEA! You got the Temper Chocolates when hubs was in Boston!! Got my links up for this too.. No way in HELLO that anyone is getting their hands on my chocolate.

Laura Rebecca said...

I DID and thank you so much for the tip!!! Shane is in Boston again this week and promised to stop by there again before he comes home. They are AMAZING chocolates.