Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Michael Pollan: "The Vegetable-Industrial Complex"

From "The Vegetable-Industrial Complex" by Michael Pollan, published 10/15/06 in The New York Times:

Soon after the news broke last month that nearly 200 Americans in 26 states had been sickened by eating packaged spinach contaminated with E. coli, I received a rather coldblooded e-mail message from a friend in the food business. “I have instructed my broker to purchase a million shares of RadSafe,” he wrote, explaining that RadSafe is a leading manufacturer of food-irradiation technology. It turned out my friend was joking, but even so, his reasoning was impeccable. If bagged salad greens are vulnerable to bacterial contamination on such a scale, industry and government would very soon come looking for a technological fix; any day now, calls to irradiate the entire food supply will be on a great many official lips.

Read the rest here. Log in required; BugMeNot suggests "tirefire" for both the user name and password.

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