Monday, October 02, 2006


Tagged by Peabody. Here it goes:

I am thinking about: how I’m getting sick of apple desserts.
I said: I'd clean up the kitchen, but it's still not done...
I want to: finish reading Mansfield Park.
I regret: the way I ended that relationship.
I hear: my husband and my stepson playing a game.
I am: uncomfortably full I am after eating dinner from Mac’s and a slice of Mooncrazy’s Rustic Apple Tart.
I dance: like Elaine.
I sing: in my car and in the shower.
I cry: at commercials.
I am not: tolerant of manipulators.
I am: trying to be self actualized.
I write: well, but not as well as I want to.
I confuse: myself and my husband.
I need: to chill out.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, you probably are going to get sick of apple desserts :)