Thursday, May 18, 2006

Net Neutrality

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While I completely missed the boat on
not posting this past Tuesday, I tried to redeem myself by sending a letter to the FCC:

Dear Chairman Martin, Commissioner Copps, Commissioner Adelstein, and Commissioner Tate,

I am deeply dismayed -- but not surprised -- by the media conglomerates' current move in pushing for an end to network neutrality. As the FCC's mandate to protect the public airwaves has been applied to non-premium television delivered via cable or satellite, I can see no reason why this mandate should not be applied to the Internet -- the people's Internet. Allowing media companies to create "tollbooths," act as Internet gatekeepers, and discriminate what I can or can not easily access online is a direct violation of the mandate.

You are well aware that this desire to end network neutrality stems solely from the desire to add yet more money into the pockets of companies such as AT&T, Verizon, and Comcast. Their desire to increase profits by restricting the public's access to the public's "airwaves" runs directly counter to the FCC's purpose.

Please keep in mind your mandate and do not allow this to happen. I have already contacted my representatives -- Senator Clinton, Senator Schumer, and Representative Boehlert -- regarding this matter.

Thank you for your time,

Please contact the FCC and tell them to maintain and enforce Net Neutrality! (Feel free to use the above, though make sure you change the names of your senators and representatives to reflect your municipality.) We don't need another public resource co-opted by multi-billion dollar companies.

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