Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Vosges Exotic Caramel Collection

The fine folks at Vosges (specifically Paige -- Hi, Paige!) sent me a gorgeous Exotic Caramel Collection 18pc 2-Tier Hatbox . And, let me tell you, it knocked my socks off.

The collection features two samples each of nine different caramels with flavors featuring notes of maple syrup, blood orange, peppercorn, or chile, among others. Each confection, however, is anchored by a superb caramel -- rich, complex and satisfying. They are beautiful little candies, both for the eye and the palate.

My favorite, however, was the "Tart" pictured above. Oooh, it is irrisistible. Maybe Vosges will release an all Tart box soon? (I could always ask Santa to pull a few strings...)

1 comment:

christina said...

my goodness those look good!

I wish I had friends at Vosges too!! =)