Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Pomegranate Martinis

You know who I don't like? Oprah.

I mean, I like that she's at the top of a field that normally rejects women, African-Americans, and people who have a BMI higher than 18. And I like that she's made a zillion dollars doing what she loves and chooses to spend a lot of her cash on people who need it more than she does.

But, she also thinks she's God.
There. I've said it. Oprah has a God complex. And much like God, Oprah is everywhere. I've had enough. (Of Oprah, not necessarily God.)

However, she does like a damn fine martini. Nancy made Oprah's Pomegranate martinis for the party and we drank many, many, many of them. They're beyond delicious.

So maybe, maybe, Oprah is the god of cocktails. (Opracchus?)

Pomegranate Martinis (adapted)
1 1/2 cups pomegranate juice
2 oz. Patron Silver tequila
1 oz. Cointreau liquor
Cup of ice

Shake ingredients in a shaker and put in chilled martini glasses. Put pomegranate fruit into glass as garnish. Serves 2.


Unknown said...

Amen sister. Oprah does have a god complex, but like Bacchus she sure does know how to make one mean martini.

These are terrific and I actually only used one shot of vodka for each drink and a cup of pomegranate juice. We still got juiced. After all, we drank many many of them!

Peabody said...

She can be a little much sometimes. I actually lost respect with her when the whole The Secret push came about.
Those martinis do look good.

Brittany said...

Oh my god- THANK YOU!! Finally, someone said it!!! Oprah freaks me out big time. I'm not sure that I'm convinced she's a human being. I think she might be a media created robot designed to inslave bored housewives.
.....but DAMN! Does that martini look taaaaasty!

barb said...

Not only does this woman have a God complex she has a fixation with tequila....thank God (the real one) she has the good taste to savor a good tequila. I have had these (many) and they are yummy!

Now how would those partner with the shrimp pictured above ;)

G-Rob said...

I stumbled here looking for a pomegranate martini recipe and was drawn in by the Oprah-bashing of sorts. Thanks for saying it all. That woman is so fascinated with herself it makes me sick. All charity aside, the woman drives me bat-sh!t crazy.

Goona go try the martini now. Thanks!