Friday, February 09, 2007

Fine Chocolates in Boston/Cambridge?

So this year's Valentine's* Day is both bad and good.

Bad: Shane will be out of town all next week for business training.

Good: he'll be in Boston, with access to a number of sophisticated chocolatiers.

I'm in the mood for some artisenal chocolate. I want to taste salted caramels, truffles with tropical fruit infusions, and bon bons spiced with chili or curry. Any thoughts? LA Burdick looks very good, although their chocolates might be a bit on the tamer side of things. What do you think? If you have suggestions for great chocolatiers in the Boston area, please let me know!

*I can never decide where I want to put that apostrophe. Valentine's Day indicates that the day belongs to St. Valentine, but Valentines' Day indicates that belongs to valentines, or loved ones. Both work and I can't decide. Argh.


Anonymous said...

Technically speaking, it would be "valentine's Day" in reference to the fact that it short form for "St. Valentine's Day"

Sometimes it's no fun being a wealth of trivial knowledge.

Anonymous said...

Alas I have no suggestions but you are only lucky woman to have artisan chocolates on the way!

Ari (Baking and Books)

Laura Rebecca said...

Jerry: I am obsessed -- and annoyed -- by grammar and semantics. I love it, but I am its slave. (Notice my correct usage of the word "its". Though, once again, I am foiled by the placment of a period near quotes. My gut says the period goes inside, but I'm not quoting its with a period, just its, which just happens to come at the end of the sentence.

Argh. I'll stop now.

Hee, thanks Ari!

breadchick said...

Laura Rebecca, I can say that Burdicks does have the best chocolate in Cambridge! (They are around the corner from MBH and I) Also, on Newbury Street, there is Teuscher.
As well as Serenade in Brookline and South Station. All three make fabulous chocolates. My other favourite place is Temper in the Commonwealth Hotel. They have a full coffee bar as well as to die for chocolates. Burdicks, Serenade and Temper all make their own candies on site.

breadchick said...

Ok, after re-reading your post, Temper is where you want to send him! And make sure he brings you home one of the adorable Bon Bon Purses

Laura Rebecca said...

Breadchick: THANK YOU!