Thursday, November 23, 2006

A Little Bit of Noterity

Natasha Li Pickowicz, Arts Editor for the Ithaca Times, included me in a round-up of local food bloggers (see below). Yay!

Now that this is out, I look forward to the media stampeding toward me, ready to shower me with continual praise.

By: Natasha Li Pickowicz
We turn to blogs for the latest new rock band, up-to-the-minute political commentary, avant-garde fashion trends, and discreet gossip monitoring - so why not look to blogs for food, recipes, and cooking advice?
In the past year, food and wine blogs have become a legitimate alternative to unwieldy cookbooks and digressive cooking television shows. What could be easier - and cheaper - than navigating your favorite bookmarked food blog as you prepare for the winter holidays?
There are plenty of upstate New York food blogs to read before Turkey day hits this week. Whether you're looking for pictorial inspiration, excruciatingly detailed step-by-step guides, or just friendly, colloquial chatter, these are the ones to read when you're planning your Thanksgiving.
Sites like Epicurious (, Chow (, Gilded Fork (, and television giant Food Network ( will always remain staples for those searching for free, accessible cooking ideas online, but there are plenty of other independent food blogs worth monitoring.
For the more adventurous (and advanced) amateur chef, Munich-based Delicious Days ( is the godfather of food blogs, with magazine-quality photographs, gorgeous, simple design, and exotic, unusual recipes (such as pasta from scratch or quince paste).
Simply Recipes ( is an easy-to-navigate, vast resource, especially for those looking for more traditional Thanksgiving ideas. Blogger Elise links to hundreds of other food blogs, and her post "Thanksgiving Planning" is immensely helpful and will spur many into Thanksgiving-cooking overdrive.
Cooking in the 'Cuse ( is a regional favorite, and is published by Rev. Jennifer Baskerville Burrows, the rector of Grace Episcopal Church and Episcopal chaplain at Syracuse University. She places a strong emphasis on sustainable and organic cooking.
For ideas for fun day-trip ideas (like the Burrville Cider Mill) and information on regional cuisine, sustainable cooking, and heirloom varieties visit Syracuse-transplant (and former Ithaca resident) blogger Couteau Bonswan ( Other local food and wine blogs include the modestly designed but useful Laura Rebecca's Kitchen (, a blogger based in the Finger Lakes region. For more of a national flavor, local food blog (and Cornell hotelie undergrad) The Hungry Hedonist ( writes equally about Ithaca spots as well as food meccas NYC and San Francisco. But be warned: There are no recipes offered here, as this site focuses entirely on restaurant reviews.
Cooking with Ideas ( is written by Bibliochef, a professor at Hobart and William Smith Colleges. While her blog is topically more digressive, she provides plenty of links to Finger Lakes-related food stops.
For an emphasis on what local wines to pair with your Thanksgiving feast, visit Finger Lakes Weekend Wino (, which is self-explanatory.
Read more on my blog, Popcorn Youth (, or shoot me an email with your favorite food blog at


Rachel said...

That's great! I am very impressed!

Acme Instant Food said...

Congratulations! The Ithaca Times obviously has good taste. Hope the popparatzi gathered on your lawn don't totally trash the place and keep the neighbors up at night! Happy Thanksgiving.

Lis said...

Congrats! How exciting :D Would it be rude of me to ask for your autograph? heee!

All joking aside, it's most definitely deserving - am so happy for you =)

Anonymous said...

wow. and you do deserve it. like mosty faculty,asthe semester goes on i cook less. but notallfood blogging is cooking, right? Got some swell old cookbooks (beyond retro) at the craft sale on campus. watch for updates.

Anonymous said...

Wow, congratulations! You do have a great blog, you deserve it :).

Ziz said...

very cool :)

Laura Rebecca said...

Thank you guys -- I really appreciate the well-wishes! I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving!