Thursday, September 21, 2006

Retro Recipe Challenge #3 Call for Suggestions -- Again!

Not familiar with the RRC? Take a look at rounds one and two.

"Hmmm. Should I make tomato aspic or a sherry chicken hot cup?"

There have been some GREAT ideas for the next RRC:

* Casseroles, suggested by Kalyn

*Mother's (or grandmother's) best recipe, suggested by Acme Instant Food and seconded by Ellie

*Brightly colored, suggested by Rachel

*Fall/autumnal theme, suggested by Gena

*Fudge, suggested by Gena

*Comfort food, suggested by Bibliochef

*Retro with a twist, suggested by Bibliochef

* A recipe from Gourmet during the year of one's birth, suggested by Bibliochef and seconded by Emily and Doodles

*Bake Sale items, suggested by Emily and seconded by Doodles

There's still time before next Monday to make a theme suggestion (or suggestions!) or vote for one of the ideas listed above. Just leave a comment in the comments section below. Thanks for your help!


Anonymous said...

I'm still a fan of Kevin's suggestion for a mother's/family recipe, but the bake sale one looks really good too :)

Incidentally, how does one get a recipe from this Gourmet magazine from the year of their birth? That'd be kinda cool if I could find something :)

Lis said...

I had to laugh when I just saw Ellie's commment. I clicked on comments so that I could say pretty much EVERYTHING that she said. Seriously. I love the family recipe idea - everyone has one and they most likely are retro (unless your mom was born like last week) - I totally love the bake sale one because, hello, baked goodness is always at the top of my nummies. And I was also very interested in finding out how to get the recipe from Gourmet and had intended on asking you because, God forbid, I use my finger muscles to tap in their website addie and see if they have recipes listed by year.

So uhm.. my loverly LR - I say, "ditto" to everything Ellie has already said. :D