Thursday, June 08, 2006

Blatant Reminder: Retro Recipe Challenge Deadline In 29 Hours

Last call -- get your entries in! For Retro Recipe Challenge #1, recreate a recipe first published between 1920 and 1975. When possible, cite your source, the year it was published (or created), and take photos! Post the results on your blog and send me the link by June 9 (tomorrow) at 11:59pm EST.

Full details
here, with follow up posts here and here.


Acme Instant Food said...

My Dearest Laura Rebecca:

I have failed thee. No retro post on my blog.

I fretted and struggled to find a freakin recipe that was undeniably retro and hopefully worthy of the Gallery of Regrettable Food. Kinda harder than it sounded. Eureka! I found just the perfect recipe last week and planned to make it this week. **Insert evil grin and cackle here** Then, our buddy ended up in the hospital and that is where we've spent every evening this week.

I have to share the shagedelic plan though baaaby! Soooo hideously 60's!


(get this)
1 fresh pineapple, cubed
1 1/4 cups Luau Mayonnoise
1 cup grated cheddar cheese
1/2 cup shredded coconut

Basically you serve the cubed pineapple on tothpicks (I'm sure with the colored frizzy things on the ends)and then dip in the mayo, then the cheese and the coconut. **URPPP**

I even found some of those cheesy, shiny plastic leis to use as props, and those scalloped shells to serve em in. Ain't gonna happen. Thanks for posing this challenge and having so much fun with it! Sorry that I pooped this party.

Check out the web site I found this recipe on:

Laura Rebecca said...

OK, so I won't kill you, seeing as how you've been tending to an ill friend. ;)

I fully expect your participation in the next round however...

And that recipe sounds ... ugh. What were they THINKING?!?

Anonymous said...

Hiya. I did not make it -- but I did put something up about the challenge on my site along with a few others. If you do another, I may indeed make my favorite cupcakes of all time -- which come from my aunt who uses a WWII recipe (a modified WWI recipe). . . Not all retro, of course, is quite the level of disgusting of the cheese 'n pineapple pupus. . .

Ziz said...

I am about to start baking and I will get back to you tonight! :O)

Fran said...

Hope I made the retro deadline! I posted something not so hideous---except the name ;) Can't wait to see all of the recipes!

mary grimm said...

I just found this yesterday: excitement! I won't make this one, but look for me in the next.