Saturday, April 01, 2006

A Food Tour In Camera-Phone-O-Vision

Yesterday, I picked up the red Peeps exclusive to Target. While there, I took some photos before making my way to Kmart. (I went to Pier 1 as well but there was very little food to photograph.)

Resting comfortably at home.

At Target: the Peeps shrine.

Plush Peeps: now you can play with them without using the microwave.

Smores Peeps kit containing Peeps, Nestle chocolate (???) and graham crackers.

Chocolate crosses. "They're just like Jesus died on! Yummy!"

At KMart: the Peeps ring pop. I'm kicking myself for not buying this. This one was stawberry cream flavored; the other, marshmallow.

I love these; destructable candy is a great idea. The Easter Bunny brought one of these to Sadie last year; perhaps she will do that again.

Bunny peeps suffering from vitiligo .


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