Thursday, March 30, 2006

Yet More Peeps

I found the elusive white peeps last night -- still no idea on what to do with any of them.

I may have to do this:

I have to make dessert for a luncheon on Sunday, anyway; peep-topped cupcakes would probably go over well with the kids. But it doesn't seem that fun.

Of course, I could also make a
Peep Waldorf Salad. Disgusting, but different...

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Doug said...

Peeps recipes, you say? Are you sure you wanted to ask about that? OK, here you go, "Cooking with Peeps":

Cooking with Peeps

Personally, I would recommend the stir fry.

But seriously, check out the Peeps on the Lawn dessert salad. Essentially a Snickers Salad with some Peeps on top, but it looks pretty cool! PeepSmoothies are the only other edible thing on my page, but of course the Peeps are all chopped up. Also, have you been to Target to get some red Peeps yet? And where did you find the white ones?

Laura Rebecca said...

Doug, I am so excited. After I finish teaching today, I'm heading to Target to get red peeps.

I will have to make the Peeps on the Lawn salad -- it sounds like the perfect food stage for Peeps! (I've never heard of the snickers salad before.) I'm toying with putting it in a graham cracker crust, but I'm not sure yet.

I found the white peeps at the Wegmans here in town. Oddly enough, the only colors they had were yellow and white.
Wegmans Food Market Store locator