Saturday, March 04, 2006

Hot Oven (Check it and see…)

This oven thermometer has been discontinued. Pity.

I finally got it through my thick skull that my oven has been running too hot. After burning one too many breads and cakes ("Just trim the edges; it’ll be fine") it finally dawned on me: "I bet the thermostat is out of whack."

From what I’ve read, this is a pretty common problem. Since my oven thermometer recently broke (well, OK -- a year ago), I reduced the heat by 15-degrees and baked a Pumpkin Pecan Quick Bread mix I had lying around (from William Sonoma) to test things out.

The bread baked up beautifully. Yay! Problem solved.

Later, I found
this article on oven temperature calibration and adjusted my oven. I think it worked but time will tell. I’ll keep you posted.

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Anonymous said...

Laura! You are brilliant :) I just love this idea of creating a cooking site. How about we share recipes?? I have a great one for spicy banana bread.

Laura Rebecca said...

Send it! I’ll bake it up and review it -- send me any other recipes you’ve been eyeing but haven’t gotten around to testing yet, too!