Friday, February 08, 2008

Mmm ... Forbidden Donut

I would love to wear these, but I'm 30 and I just feel I'm past the age of doing so. Then again, I couldn't really see myself wearing these when I was 20, either. Besides, where would I wear them? When teaching a college course? Going food shopping? Out on a romantic dinner date? I guess I'm just not a whimsical fashion person.

I'd love to wear this, this, or this but won't for the same reasons. That, and I imagine Tim Gunn being horrified at the prospect of my wearing these. "Oh, Laura! No."


breadchick said...

ROTFL about the Tim Gunn reference. I often get up in the morning, throw something on and then tell my self Clinton and Stacy would scream at me or Tim Gunn would tell me to "Make it Work!"

Rachel said...

I have those earring in pink. I also have the sushi and a couple of pairs of the cupcake ones. Oh, and pickles and hot dogs. And bacon and eggs.

Laura Rebecca said...

Mary, I finally caught Tim Gunn's Guide to Style on Bravo this week and I would love, love, LOVE for him to rip apart my wardrobe and build it back up again.

Rachel, have you seen Twinkie Chan's scarves & things? She ROCKS that crafty/punky/foodie look. I don't know how she does it, but I am in awe.

Madam Chow said...

Wear the donuts! Wear the donuts! I wear pumpkin earrings at Halloween!

Shana Logic said...

Hehe, I can relate cause well.. I RUN shanalogic and I'm 31! I can see the delimma, hehe:-)

Then again, I wear the cupcakes and they are SOOO cute and dainty that people compliment me all the time! (i just try not to wear too many food items at once;-)